Embracing Change

Hello everyone!

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. The main topic that keeps circling inside my head is the topic of change. We all experience change throughout life; some good and some bad. My most recent big change is that I am officially a college student. I have taken some college courses in the past, but I do not believe that I was ever in the right mindset for it. This time around I feel inspired, motivated and I have the extra time set aside to be able to do my best. This is only one example of a change that I have experienced recently.

Change can be great, and we should learn to embrace the changes life brings us. I would like to discuss:

  • How change can help a person grow.
  • How change helps us become more flexible and adaptable.
  • How change challenges our values and beliefs.


Let’s begin:


In all stages of life, you will experience growth. Some may experience it more than others, but it is inevitable. You can either fight against it or choose to flow with it. Growth helps to push us out of our comfort zones. You won’t believe how much more you can experience and gain from simply pushing yourself to do something that normally scares you. By doing this, your true self will unravel. This helps you figure out who you are, and who you want to be.

Another positive thing that comes from growth is confidence. When time passes, you will be able to look back and see how far you’ve come. This can be both mentally and physically. Once you see the positive changes you’ve gained from your growth, a new sense of self-love is formed.

(If you’d like to read how I’ve learned to love myself, feel free to check out my blog post on self-love: HERE)



Change can be challenging. The sooner you accept it the faster you will adapt. When you learn to embrace change, you learn to embrace chaos. Life is not a smooth road, in fact, it is quite bumpy and full of obstacles. By learning to embrace the chaos, you learn to be okay with breaking up routine. Routine is not bad, but it can be when it causes us to start being okay with situations (or people) that do not make us happy or that prevent us from going further in life.

Breaking up bad routines or letting go of someone in your life that holds you back can help free you from depression. I am talking about the kind of depression that pops up here and there throughout life. I understand that there is a clear difference between clinical depression and depression that squeezes itself in at times. It wasn’t until after I said goodbye to things in life that didn’t bring joy (like past jobs) that I found myself breaking free from a dark place in life that I wasn’t even fully aware of.

Besides, having flexibility and being able to adapt to change can be so much fun! Do you normally pass up Friday night drinks or a get together with friends? Go out and have some fun! You never know where you will find yourself or who you may meet.



Change can and will challenge your beliefs. Having the ability to be open to change will expand your mind. This is just one example: Let’s say that you are Christian. You meet someone new at work or school who is of a different religion. If you are open for a healthy discussion about their faith, you might find yourself inspired to take a class in religion and learn about more religions and the history behind them. This could lead to new opportunities in the future. We might learn to love something or someone that we never even imagined ourselves liking.

Being open will cause you to become more compassionate. When you are unwilling to be open in fear of changing, it becomes a lot harder to understand others and where they are coming from. When you gain compassion, it will help remind you to be more accepting of others and their choices.





  • Change allows us to grow.
  • It helps us become more flexible and adaptable.
  • Change can and will challenge your values and beliefs.


Before I wrap up this blog post, I’d like to challenge you to something. I would like for you to take a step out of your comfort zone. This week do ONE thing that you normally would not do.

It could be something simple, such as reading for pleasure or possibly adventure off to a new restaurant, maybe find a meetup in your area and connect with others who share the same passions.

Do anything that involves change. At the end of the week reflect back and see how this helped you grow. I’d love for you to comment below in the comment section on what you will do to challenge yourself.


Thank you!

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