Nature is Nurture

Days feel like weeks, weeks feel like months, months feel like years, it’s all the same.

Is this a familiar feeling?

I would not at all be surprised if it is. We live in a fast paced society which tends to run on a constant go. Every once in a while, we need to take a moment to pause and give ourselves a little TLC. It is very important to remember to set some time aside for yourself to recharge.

I believe that self-care is a practice that is extremely beneficial. A couple of minutes of breathing, meditating, stretching, a walk in a park, a candle by the bath, or your favorite book before bed. What ever it is that you enjoy, do it! Reconnect with yourself. Trust me, your body and mind will thank you.

“A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude” – Bruce Wilkinson¬†

One of my favorite activities to engage in while I recharge is to get out into nature. Normally it is somewhere like a state park or a near by nature park. If time is short, a simple walk around the block does the job, but nothing compares to the fresh air of a secluded area of open fields of fresh spring flowers or in this case fields of milk thistle herbs.

Milk Thistle – an herb that helps detoxify the liver.


This is my handsome husband, he enjoys the outdoors just as much as I do.


Nature helps clear the mind. I find my mind resting in a form of meditation while fully emerged in its beauty.


Did you for one second think I wouldn’t bring a giant delicious vegan cookie into an already perfect moment? Cookie is made by Alternative Baking Company.


Every moment is a new opportunity to change the way you feel.

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