Tropical Swamp Smoothie Bowl

Happy Saturday!


I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I happen to be spending my weekend basically doing nothing with my husband. He is starting training for a new job on Monday and we wont be seeing each other as often as we have been. Laying around doing nothing together doesn’t mean we are pigging out on junk food. Even on the laziest days I still find it in me to create nutritious meals. These meals just happen to be lazy nutritious meals, haha.


I have actually feature my Tropical Swamp Smoothie in my What I Eat In A Day, this time I changed it up a little and decided to turn my drank into a smoothie bowl! It’s a fun way to enjoy your smoothie and add sweet treats as toppings!


Here is how I made this sweet and tasty wake me up smoothie.


Ingredients for smoothie: 

2 Frozen bananas

1 cup of mixed frozen fruit (Tropical fruit medley)

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

1/2 cup almond milk

2 tsp Hawaiian spirulina

Handful of spinach

Hemp seeds

chia seeds

filtered water


Smoothie Toppings

Frozen mixed berries




Just throw all the ingredients into your blender and process until nice and smooth. Add the smoothie into a bowl and top with all of your favorite toppings!



1.) Use what ever toppings you wish, I honestly didn’t have much to top it with so I used whatever was available in my cabinet. 

2.) This recipe makes two smoothie bowl, or one giant one if you are super hungry! 

3.) This smoothie will provide you with long lasting energy, great health, and a positive mind!  




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